Bella, Max Top the Year’s Most Popular Puppy Names

Some things never go out of style. If’s Most Popular Puppy Names of 2013 list is any indication, the names Bella and Max—for female and male puppies, respectively—have the staying power to remain stylish for years to come. Both monikers have topped the website’s annual popular puppy name list for the last eight years. In fact, most of the names in the top 10 for both male and female puppies prove that classic names speak to new pet owners. searched through its database of 925,000 puppies born since Jan. 1 to compile the 2013 list, and noted in its finding that the 10 most popular names mostly stayed the same.

The top five male names—Max, Buddy, Charlie, Rocky and Cooper—are the same as last year. And, while Bella Daisy, Lucy and Molly remained the top four female puppy names, a new name entered the top five: Sadie. Lola—which has moved up steadily over the past decade and rounded out the top five in 2012—dropped two spots.

The site noted a few trending names within the extended list of the top-50 names. Luna jumped five spots from last year, to number 13 on the list, while Diesel (number 13 on the male name list) moved up three spots since last year. The complete list can be viewed in the infographic below.

Pet care professionals, including pet store employees, groomers, boarders, pet sitters, dog walkers and veterinarians are sure to have crossed paths with the likes of puppies with the names on this list. What names are the most popular with pet owners in your area? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.