A Christmas Cover to Bark About

It seems like radio stations start playing holiday music earlier and earlier each year, much to my chagrin. While I love to get into the holiday spirit, there just aren’t that many Christmas songs to choose from, and we often wind up hearing different renditions of the same tunes for hours on end. So, how do newer bands differentiate themselves from the classic crooners when performing a cover? By enlisting animals, of course.

Walk Off the Earth is a band that’s best known for it’s unique performances. The band first caught our attention with a cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” where the entire band performed the song using one acoustic guitar to strum, pick and tap their way through the hit single. Clearly the band is no stranger to shtick.

With a new album being released right around Christmas-time, the band decided to return to their viral roots and upload a video for their cover of “Little Drummer Boy.” Not content for the season to be the only reason for people to check it out, the band decided to replace several members with dogs playing their instruments.

Personally, I think that their version stands on its own. The drumbeat drives most other versions and makes for a repetitive and monotonous tune, whereas Walk Off the Earth mixes it up. Their rendition is significantly more upbeat and, therefore, a lot more fun.

In this behind the scenes video the band members explain how they pulled the video off. If fans of the band are half as amused by this as the band’s members appeared to be, it should at least do a little better than the singing dogs who barked “Jingle Bells.” Which, judging by this NY Times article from years ago, might not be saying much.