One Direction Star Shows Some Lizard Love

In boy and girl bands alike, members are usually fitted with stereotypical personalities that are easily marketed to the media. While it’s not always as obvious as The Spice Girls made it look, there’s usually a heartthrob, a bad boy, an athlete, etc. Back when I was a tween and New Kids on the Block were popular, I was all about baby-faced Joey McIntyre ("the young one," obviously). These days English-Irish group One Direction is on top of the pop charts, and singer Zayn Malik has established himself in the “animal lover” role.

Malik and his fiancé Perrie Edwards both rose to fame thanks to the original version of The X-Factor (she's a member of the girl group Little Mix). Music might have brought them together, but their love of animals could very well be what made their relationship a reality. The couple has two dogs and a cat, but apparently three fur-babies wasn’t enough. They recently adopted a bearded dragon lizard named Arnie (not to be confused with Artie, A.C. Slater’s pet chameleon on Saved by the Bell). The singer posted a selfie of him and his new pet to Twitter earlier this week.


Sometimes it seems like lizards get no love from the celebrity set, but perhaps this is the start of a trend. Somebody should tell Mario Lopez, maybe he still has Artie's little leash.