Amanda Bynes’ Dog Finds Home with Family Friend

The Amanda Bynes debacle has not been easy to watch. Earlier this year, the former teen star was committed to the hospital and kept on a psychiatric hold, where she was diagnosed with both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Of the many tragic incidents leading up to her hospital stay one of the most upsetting was when Bynes accidentally doused her Pomeranian, Sherbert, in gasoline. Miraculously, the pup was not harmed and was later claimed by Bynes’ parents.

Obviously unable to take care of herself, Bynes certainly couldn’t care for her dog. Mental illness is often the cause of homelessness and hardship for people and their pets; thankfully Bynes has a supportive family and a great amount of resources to help her through this difficult time. Recently released from the hospital, Bynes seems to be on the road to recovery; she's been photographed out with her family walking their three dogs, but Sherbert was nowhere in sight. As it turns out, Sherbert did not mesh well with the family’s other dogs and they had to find her a new family to call her own.

Luckily for Bynes, a family friend decided to offer up their home to the pooch. It’s unfortunate enough that Bynes has had to face the difficulty of mental illness in the public eye; adding the loss of a dog to the list of scarring situations certainly wouldn't help. Of course, Sherbert needs to be safe too, so this is the best of both worlds. Here’s hoping that Amanda makes a speedy but complete recovery and can be reunited with her plucky Pomeranian soon.