Bayer Reveals America’s Chattiest Cat

Confident in the knowledge that there is plenty of room in this world for yet another celebricat, the animal division of Bayer HealthCare LLC, has unveiled the winner of its Advantage II Chatty Cat Challenge—and she is indeed a star.

Introducing, String Bean—a black short-haired cat who hails from Berkeley, Calif., where she lives with her owner, Shelly Mandel, and three other cats.


Advantage II for cats’ Chatty Cat Challenge asked owners to submit a video, photo or meme of their cat, along with a narrative revealing how they keep their cats healthy and happy. The public voted for the top 10 finalists, and Bayer held the honor of choosing the winning entry. Here’s String Bean’s winning entry:


“Hey—that's me, peering through the front door mail slot for my sweet human to come home and play with me. OF course, I have to indulge our other felines, as they too love our human. She's actually pretty great—serves a mean meal, knows just where on my belly and behind my ear to scratch and nibble, and brings home all the best toy mice, catnip and ping pong balls to chase and bat around. She even built two outdoor enclosures for us to enjoy the sights and smells outdoors, while safely enclosed in a cool space with benches, scratching posts and even waterproof boxes for wet weather. Oh, it's not all fun and games—if we scratch our itch, she doses us to prevent fleas; if we feel under the weather for too long, we have to go in a box and a car to the vet; and if we make another cat squeal cause we're chasing or playing too hard, we get a stern dressing down. Oh, and her lap—so soft and inviting—there's only room for two of us, but we're four! MEOWWWWWW.”

In addition to being proclaimed “America’s Chattiest Cat,” String Bean received a three-year supply of Advantage II for cats to kill fleas through contact, a premium cat carrier and an iPad mini. The other top 10 finalists, chosen by public vote, received a one-year supply of Advantage II for cats and a premium cat carrier.

Visit to check out all the entries and learn how two of the keys to caring for cats are regular veterinary visits and year-round use of a monthly flea preventive.