Street Style Has Gone to the Dogs

Street style has seen a lot of changes since entering into the fashion lexicon: first it was underground, then it went mainstream, and it recently suffered some serious backlash. The initial appeal of street style was that it wasn’t pre-meditated; photographers were simply capturing people in their everyday glory. Now it has gone to the dogs—literally—and that’s a good thing.

Williamsburg photographer, Elias Weiss-Friedman roams the streets of New York taking pictures of dogs in a similar style to famed street-style photographer The Sartorialist; he captures the animal in the moment using simple composition and natural light. According to this article on, Friedman started his blog, The Dogist, after noticing that the pictures of dogs he posted to Instagram were getting the most attention of all of his posts.

Armed only with a camera and a tennis ball Friedman makes photographing dogs look like puppy-play. Many of the dogs in his images have a look that I can only describe as regal. This past weekend I attempted to take some posed photos of my sister’s dog, Daizy, and she wasn’t having it. Needless to say, I have a lot of respect for what Friedman is able to do.

Having lost his corporate job over a year ago, Friedman has some spare time to photograph other people’s pups and started the site in October (although it seems like he’s been at it longer—considering how prolific he’s been). New York is home base for the photo-blogger, but Friedman, who runs the site through donations, told the Huffington Post that he would like to start to travel and capture images of dogs around the world. Sounds like a rough life to me.