Kaley Cuoco Sweeting Makes Big Bang with Groom’s Cake

Dogs and wedding cake may sound like a dangerous combination, but Kaley Cuoco Sweeting found a way to make it work. The actress, who is known for her role as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, had a surprise wedding on New Year’s Eve and creatively included her and husband Ryan Sweeting’s beloved dogs in the event via the groom’s cake.

Sweeting is a pro tennis player, so the cake features an oversized tennis ball with tiny models of the couple’s three rescue pit bulls, Norm, Shirley and Loretta, perched on top of and around it. While the idea of creating a cake in the shape of an animal immediately calls to mind the armadillo groom’s cake in Steal Magnolias, The Butter End Cakery in Santa Monica, Calif., was able to accomplish the task tastefully. Cuoco, who is also a vocal animal rights activist, tweeted a picture of the “dogs and balls” grooms cake for #MuttMonday and you can see multiple pictures of the cake on the Butter End Cakery’s blog.

The Butter End was also responsible for the main wedding cake, which was hung upside-down from a chandelier—that has been getting quite a bit of press as well. While formal weddings are nice, it’s always fun to see couples personalize their nuptials. As for the couple’s pit bulls, I’m sure they were pleased to have made the cut.