Tetra Develops Water Care App

Tetra has launched its Tetra Water Care App, which is designed to be used in conjunction with Tetra EasyStrips 6-in-1 Aquarium Test Strips.

The app allows aquarium owners to compare test strips to an in-app color chart. By entering the color combination in the app, users will receive instant results identifying any abnormalities in six key levels: nitrate, nitrite, hardness, chlorine, alkalinity and pH. A treatment plan will identify how to resolve water issues.

"It has always been our goal to improve our customers' success and enjoyment of the hobby," said Tim Plafcan, senior project manager at United Pet Group. "That drove us toward developing an app that is both informative and easy-to-use for fishkeepers and their ongoing water care."

Other features of the Tetra Water Care app include: the ability to store and access water care testing history enabling fishkeeping enthusiast to track improvements and note changes; in-app emailing of test results, as well as the ability to print results or history through AirPrint; a built-in water volume calculator; both metric and imperial standards; and illustrated easy-to-read instruction with very little setup required to begin testing water by using Tetra EasyStrips, as well as to receive results and treatment plans.

The app is free and currently available for both iOS and Android devices.