Emmy Rossum’s Comeback Cat


Actress Emmy Rossum has become a cat lady, albeit accidentally; the Shameless actress came across a cat while filming on the streets of Chicago. Rossum thought she’d ask around and see if the cat belonged to anyone—let’s pause for a minute and imagine Emmy Rossum showing up at your door to return your lost cat, pretty cool—all while the cat made itself at home in her trailer. 


With no apparent pet parents to be found, a local vet came and took a look at the cat. Unfortunately, the vet informed Rossum that the cat had cancer and was not long for this world. While the vet advised Rossum to just let the cat pass, the actress—who is admittedly not a cat person—still didn’t feel right leaving her behind and had the cat flown first class back to Los Angeles with her. 


Back in the warm weather of the Golden State, a miracle occurred—the cat made a complete recovery! And by “complete recovery” I mean Rossum got a second opinion and was informed that her cat has a hernia, not a tumor, which can be removed when she is neutered. The cat is otherwise in good health and set to live a long and happy life. As for Rossum, looks like she’d better go pick up some pet supplies.