Social Media Spotlight

Pet Business offers a look at some notable social media posts from pet specialty retailers, as well as our own commentary on what we think makes these posts work. Here are some recent examples:




Why it works: When a massive winter storm hit North Texas in early December, The Paw Depot took to social media over a two-day period to keep its customer base informed on the status of the store and home-delivery orders. What was more impressive than The Paw Depot’s efforts to keep its customers in the loop, though, was the fact that it was made clear that pet owners in need could call on the retailer (toll-free) for advice on what to feed their dogs while waiting out the paralyzing weather.



Why it works: The folks at Jameson Loves Danger, a pet boutique and “Pet’Spaw” located in the Andersonville neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, understand that social media can be a great way to promote a special sales event. But what’s better is the fact that, in advertising a late-night shopping event organized by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, the retailer increased the visibility of the post beyond its follower base by directly tying it to the chamber of commerce’s Twitter account with a mention of the @avillechamber handle.