Phillips Partners With LightSpeed for Pet Retail Business Kit

Phillips has partnered with LightSpeed for the IT Kit, a complete set of technology and marketing resources that help small retailers streamline operations, enhance customer interactions and compete with larger chains.

With access to the LightSpeed POS System through the IT Kit, local pet stores can alleviate long lineups with mobile check-out, cut down on the time spent searching for inventory and improve the reordering process.

The IT Kit equips Phillips' customers with the following tools to help streamline operations:

Marketing and customer outreach: Tools that help retailers reach customers via direct mail, email and text to drive both new and returning customers through promotions and marketing messages.


Store design: Resources that help merchants improve their store deign and dislays as well as online.


Insurance: Leveraging insurance rates by grouping stores together.


Point of Sale: LightSpeed's system helps streamline inventory management, offers mobile checkout and collects customer data to help salespeople better engage their customers.