Porcupine Picks Super Bowl Winner

Punxsutawney Phil isn’t the only rodent making predictions for February; Teddy Bear, the porcupine, has made his picks for Super Bowl XLVIII. When given the choice between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, Teddy Bear chose the “Seasquawks,” as their fans affectionately refer to them.

The method by which they do this is far from official: two plastic containers holding corn—each bearing the team helmet—are placed in front of Teddy, and he chooses between them. Porcupines are known to be nearsighted and Teddy comes at the containers from behind, so it’s not like he’s responding to shapes or colors. That’s not to say that he doesn’t know what he’s doing; Teddy correctly predicated the winners of Super Bowl XLVI and Super Bowl XLVII.

Teddy is a North American Porcupine and he loves corn on the cob, so much that if you try to take it from him, he will squeal in resistance. Knowing Teddy’s crazy for maize, it makes sense that his handlers decided to use the grain as a decision making tool. While Teddy is gaining celebrity much like Lil Bub or Scout, he isn’t a pet; he’s a member of Zooniversity, a traveling wildlife company that educates adults and children alike about animals. I suppose predicting Super Bowl winners is just freelance work.

If Teddy is right, this will be three in a row; if he’s wrong, then we all just watched an incredibly adorable porcupine enjoy some free corn.