CarMax's Super Bowl, Puppy Bowl Co-Commercials

With the Puppy Bowl in its tenth year, the event is obviously here to stay. Advertisers have clearly caught on and have begun to capitalize on the Super Bowl’s pet parallel. CarMax is among the first to do just that with two new commercials—one for each event.

The ads will employ the same concept—celebrating the customer as an everyday hero. “Slow Clap,” which will air on Fox during the big game, is about a man who buys a car through CarMax and is literally applauded for it from the moment he gets in the car at the dealership all the way home. Fans of the movie Rudy (and sports fans in general) will appreciate not only the slow clap, but the cameo by Sean Astin, who played the title character in the film.

“Slow Bark” is airing exclusively online and features the same storyline, but with all of the roles played by adorable puppies instead of people. The actor’s canine counterparts even don matching costumes (puppies in costumes = Trump card).

When viewed online, the commercials offer links to one another. Clearly they’re meant to be watched in tandem, ensuring that the cleverness of the campaign doesn’t go unnoticed.

Regardless of whether audiences pick up on the co-commercial novelty, the puppy version of CarMax’s commercial is sure to be a crowd pleaser.