A Cautionary Tale of Compromise

People are always trying to play up the benefits of compromise: treaties, marriages, the black and white cookie. This Super Bowl Sunday, the folks over at Audi are taking a stand against compromise with their “Doberhuahua” spot.

The ad opens with a couple in a pet store trying to decide between a Chihuahua and a Doberman Pinscher when the pet store employee suggests they compromise and, “breed the two together… Doberhuahua, know what I mean?” 

The result is a dog, whose head is disastrously disproportionate to his body—it totally reminded me Stanley Ipkiss’ dog Milo in The Mask. A series of scenarios featuring the Doberhuahua follow as the creature wreaks havoc like some mythological beast; it even attacks Sarah MacLachlan’s guitar as she tries to make an ASPCA-style plea for the ill-fated mixed breed.

The Doberhuahuas multiply and continue to terrorize until the words “Compromise scares us too” flash across the screen. Finally, the same couple from the beginning pulls away from an animal rescue with a lovable looking mutt in the back seat of their brand new red Audi A3, which the ad assures viewers has been “designed without compromise.” While I’m not in the market for a new Audi, I would consider the rescue pooch.

At least they sold me on something.