Can a Quiz Reveal Your Perfect Pooch?

These days, it seems like my entire Facebook feed consists of other peoples’ Facebook Movies and the results of the quizzes they’re taking on Buzzfeed and Zimbio. While I find the former to be an annoyance, the latter has become a bit of an addiction. This isn’t surprising; ever since I was old enough to buy Bop!, I’ve been taking personality quizzes. Much of my teen years were spent reading Sassy and Seventeen magazines to find out who my celebrity best friend would be or what my prom style was.

The teen in me still loves quizzes and the other day I was excited to see a friend I’ve known since elementary school post the results of Buzzfeed’s “What Kind of Dog Are You?” quiz. One quick click and I was on my way to finding out which pooch matches my personality. As it turns out, I'm a Corgi.

It’s not all fun and quizzes, though; Pedigree offers a "Find You Perfect Breed" quiz which uses their trademarked Select-A-Dog tool to determine which breeds match not only your personality, but your lifestyle as well. Before you start the quiz they mention the benefits of owning a dog and emphasize the magnitude of adopting a dog. They ask about your lifestyle, your living space, and what you're looking for in a dog in both personality and appearance. Of the eight suggestions Pedigree provided, none of them were Corgis, but I was excited to see that King Charles Spaniel made the cut (according to Pedigree's description they're commonly food motivated, much like myself). Even if it's not entirely scientific, this quiz seems to have me and my future pet pegged. I'll start brainstorming names now.