Fido's Fate on Film

I’ll never forget the first time that I watched The Walking Dead; while I was unfazed by a graphic opening scene involving a zombie child, the scene where the walkers took down a horse caused me to cover my face with a pillow. There’s something so upsetting about seeing an animal harmed, it seems so much worse than anything else that can be depicted onscreen. If only there were a way to avoid the emotional trauma…

Enter Does the Dog Die, a website that people can reference before starting to watch a film that tells them the fate of the animals in the story before they even press play. The site employs a simple visual key with three easy to interpret icons: a happy yellow dog means no pets die, a frowning brown dogs mean that pet is injured or appears dead but ultimately lives, and finally, a crying gray dog means that a pet dies. Simple, right?

On their “About” page they clarify that this is not a movie review site, nor are do they monitor the treatment of animals during filming, and they don’t bother listing movies where animals are not featured. Does the Dog Die keeps it simple; whether you’re watching a movie with a young, easily impressionable child, a friend who just lost their dog or an animal lover who just can’t stomach the violence, this website can help you avoid a saddening or even traumatizing situations.

Now, if they could just expand their system to include television shows in time for The Walking Dead to return from its mid-season break (this Sunday!) I’d all be set.