Lil BUB’s Special Special

This weekend, Animal Planet aired Lil BUB’s Special Special. In it, Little BUB’s owner goes away and Amy Sedaris comes over to “Bubbysit.” BUB’s owner tells Sedaris that BUB’s going to have some friends over to watch TV, but leaves a warning: “Don’t party too hard.” Before long, BUB's friends, which include a little horse, a rabbit and a guinea pig, appear. BUB and friends tune into Andrew W.K.’s “Party Animals,” where the host announces that he’s holding a contest for a new sidekick, and whichever animal produces the best video wins. Lil BUB has the same thought as the rest of us—she would be an awesome sidekick!

Who does Andrew W.K. choose? You’ll have to watch the special to find out. But in the meantime, entertain yourself with the comedic stylings of Sedaris and Andrew W.K. in this brief outtakes video. Sedaris, who is clad in red houndstooth PJ’s and matching robe, talks fashion (she was going to wear a nightie), dating options (older men vs. ghosts), and shows up in character as an adorable old lady who loves to chat on the phone. W.K. does some seriously dead-on animal impersonations: cats and dogs, ducks and rabbits.