"Bone App├ętit"

Last night, the White House hosted a state dinner in honor of President François Hollande of France. The elaborate menu started off with a first course of American Osetra Caviar Fingerling Potato Velouté, Quail Eggs, Crisped Chive Potatoes and got more delicious from there. The White House chefs weren’t the only ones preparing for the event, though; First Dogs Sonny and Bo were awaiting the arrival of the President and First Lady’s guests as well.

A picture of the patient pair was posted by the FLOTUS twitter account. While it wasn’t posted by the first lady herself (the account is run by the Office of First Lady Michelle Obama and only tweets signed “mo” are from the First Lady), we’re guessing that’s because she was running around getting ready for the big event herself. The Office of the FLOTUS must be a fun place to work because, much like myself, they are clearly fan of puns—the photo was captioned, “Bone appétit!”

Bo donned a simple red statement-collar and Sonny glammed it up with a gorgeous gold necklace—both were clearly ready for the festivities to begin. In the photo, the First Dogs are seated atop the dining room chairs at a table set for ten, but I’m sure they were asked to move when Monsieur Hollande and the rest of the guests arrived, lest they end up in the dog house.