A New Breed of Proposal

There is a new romantic trend for animal-lovers out there this Valentine's Day. Move over flash mobs, the latest proposal gimmick on the rise is enlisting doggie Meetup groups to help pop the question. People magazine reports that Rob Micallef recently proposed to his girlfriend of four years Jessica Sammut with the help of 15 French Bulldogs.

Here’s how it went down: the couple was out for a walk through Fort Green Park in Brooklyn when they spotted a Frenchie with a red heart-shaped balloon attached to his body. Obviously Micallef had planned for the pooch to plod by with his owner Tiffany Nakamura, but Sammut was none the wiser. Despite the snow, the couple continued to follow the Frenchie who led them to 14 of his pals and their owners who were ready and waiting at the park's Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument. When Micallef gave them the signal they flipped over the posters they were holding to reveal a message, “MARRY ME JESS.” Happily, Jess said, “Yes.” You can see all of the adorable pictures of the happy couple and their new friends on People.com.

Back in October another gent proposed with the help of 16 pugs on the famous Bow Bridge in Central Park. Brit Ed Grant and his girlfriend Alexandria Justins were in town for a visit, and he had arranged two weeks in advance for the puppy posse to assist. Since it was a beautiful fall day, there were plenty of people around to congratulate the couple as Justins accepted Grant's proposal—who needs a photographer when you’ve got a park full of New Yorkers armed with camera phones?

So, is this the start of a trend? Using your pooch to propose has definitely been done before, but enlisting the help of other people’s pets is definitely an innovative way to "pup" the question.