Must Love Cats

Peter Cohen lives with 18 cats, which is no easy feat. No matter how much you love animals, when you’re living with well over a dozen of them, there are going to be some space-related issues—not to mention odors. Thankfully, Cohen is a contractor, and he was able to retrofit his humble Goleta, Calif., abode into a cat-tastic living space.

Catwalks, tunnels, scratching posts and platforms are artfully located throughout the house. The whole system connects to a total of 24 litter boxes equipped with fans to ensure that his house doesn’t smell like you’d think it would. So where’d he get the idea? He saw it in a book.

Bob Walker and Frances Mooney performed a similar makeover on their own home in the Bay Park area of San Francisco. After installing custom elements like “a floor-to-ceiling scratching post that also provided support for a suspended leaded glass window” and walkways at various heights, Walker wrote “The Cats’ House.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but let’s be honest—this could’ve turned into a real cat-tastrophe. Fortunately, as a contractor, Cohen had both the skills and the contacts to execute his plan. When all was said and done, the renovations ran him about $35,000. At such a high price tag, I don’t think this will be the newest trend in home décor, but it’s certainly nice to see owners taking such a vested interest in their cats’ happiness.