Biggs Brother

Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs love their Poodles, Teets and Gina. Teets is a senior dog, and something tells me that he’s their favorite—maybe it’s the joint Instagram account Mollen shares with him, “jennyandteets2.”

Mollen, who wears the hat of both actress and author, is constantly posting pictures of the pampered pooch. Not only do Teets’ celebrity parents dress him in the finest doggy outfits and accessories, beautify him with blowouts, and take him for long walks on the beach, the couple even threw him an amazing “Barkmitzvah” when he turned 13 (seriously, how is this not a thing already? Or am I just tardy to the party?).

Considering how close these pet parents are with their fur baby, it only makes sense that Teets would be present at any major family event, like the birth of his brother for instance. This week, Mollen and Biggs were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Sid Biggs. Judging by the videos Mollen posted to Instagram, it was not an easy labor (and People reports that it ended in an unplanned c-section), so I’m sure she was grateful to have all of her boys at Cedars-Sinai Hospital with her when it was over. Mom and baby look happy and healthy and Teets, well he looks like he’s ready to scrub in for the next surgery.