We Built This Kitty

We just couldn't wait until Throwback Thursday—we have a very special commercial from the U.K. to share with you. Three, a cellular carrier from across the pond, is taking a crack at Jefferson Starship’s number-one hit from 1985, “We Built This City.” Three is all about sharing; their company offers 4G and HD Voice as well as phones, mobile broadband and apps. Likewise, the focus of this campaign is "the magical moments that happen when you share the silly stuff.”

The ad features a little girl riding her pink bike around her neighborhood with her cat, who is comfortably seated in a matching snazzy pink plaid-lined basket. The two rock out to Starship’s song, showing customers how fun it is to share a silly moment with your special friend, whether they are human or feline. The “cat advert” also goes by “#SingItKitty” and it is the latest chapter in Three’s “silly stuff” story.

The short video is sure to go viral — I mean, I’m sharing it and I'm not even a potential customer. Clearly a kid and a cat singing a seriously awesome 80’s tune is a recipe for success. Watch it, I dare you not to smile.