A Send-Off for Colonel Meow

On Jan. 29, the animal world lost an icon: Colonel Meow. For anyone not familiar with the tiny tyrant, Colonel Meow became an Internet sensation when his owner, Anne Marie Avey (aka “Slave Beast”), posted pictures of his scowling face to Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. Internet fame was not the Colonel’s only distinction, the male Himalayan–Persian crossbreed also holds the 2014 Guinness world record for longest fur on a cat.

Despite being known for his disdainful disposition, the Colonel’s many social-media pages make it clear that he loved many things, from his Slave Beast’s singing to his golden retriever friend, Boots. The Colonel was as lovable a grouch as Oscar, and he may have had just as many famous friends—he was saluted across the Internet after his passing. In many instances, his minions chose to salute him with a swig of his favorite beverage, Scotch.

The Colonel’s Slave Beast announced on his Facebook page that she would be taking some time to grieve before explaining the circumstances of his untimely passing. She later announced via this video on the Colonel’s YouTube and Tumblr pages that she will be hosting a Q&A tomorrow (Feb. 27) at 3:30 p.m. PST to tell fans and followers what happened to him and share some stories.