And the Awwscar Goes To…

The Pet Collective has really outdone themselves; to celebrate the Oscars, they created an award-worthy parody called “The Awwscars.” The short video features Izzy the pug playing not only the announcer, but the lead roles in all of the films contending for best picture as well.

With the help of his owner they recreate scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street, Gravity, Nebraska, Her, American Hustle, Philomena (in which I wondered if Izzy’s master is actually British — his accent is on point!), 12 Years a Slave, Dallas Buyers Club and Captain Phillips.

The clever creatives over at Pet Collective managed at least one play on words for each film and snuck in “master” jokes wherever possible. While they don’t actually predict a Best Picture winner, they do let Izzy make an acceptance speech. Something tells me that Izzy’s impressive Matthew McConaughey impression may have swung the vote toward his performance in Dallas Buyers Club.
Can you match the puppy parody actor name with the film that was nominated? (Hint: not every film had an actor listed and some of the films had multiple actors named.)

Puganardo DiBarkrio
Christian Bull
Bradley Pooper
Tom Fangs
Jennifer Pawrence
Joaquin Thedog
Yorkie Adams