Head Scratcher Makes for a Happy Husky

A few months ago, a Reddit contributor—username TheNormalMan—came up with a chart showing where dogs like to be pet. While his chart answered where (spoiler alert: the answer is everywhere), it did not specify what they like to be pet with.

Thankfully, another helpful Internet user has come forward to supply at least one answer and it’s a real head scratcher… literally. Back in May YouTube user arien100100 uploaded a video showing their husky, Silver, having her head stroked by one of those wire head massagers people try to sell you from a kiosk in the mall. The pure joy that washes over Silver’s face is infectious and sure to leave you smiling.

Silver wasn’t always so relaxed, though; she was adopted and like so many rescues: “[Silver] was found in a very bad shape and was afraid of strangers, especially men.” Since then, Silver has “made an amazing recovery” and her owner has discovered that she especially enjoys being scratched behind the ears, as it calms her.

The video shows Silver’s first experience with the head massager. At first she seems interested, but when her owner brings the device closer to her face, she turns her head away (as would anyone who had long, thin, metal sticks coming at their face). Undeterred, her owner makes it seem more like a toy and Silver is interested again. By the time her owner makes it to behind her ears the calmed canine loves it. At the 23-second mark, the happy husky actually breaks out in a toothy grin and stays that way for the rest of the clip. We wish Silver and all dogs out there a lifetime of that kind of happiness.