Chevy Shows a Softer Side

Get out the tissues, this one’s a tearjerker. Earlier this week, Chevy released a new commercial called “Maddie” about a woman and her dog. The ad opens with a shot of an owner saying goodbye to her a Golden Retriever. It is a tender moment made more poignant by a highlight reel of their journey together in reverse chronological order.

From the day her owner deemed her the pick of the litter until the opening scene in the final moments of Maddie’s life, the two tackled everything together; from birthdays to boys, graduations and learning to drive (specifically learning to drive a Chevy SUV—after all, it is a car commercial). Maddie’s person is an everywoman, and we as viewers can relate.

My first thought was my fiancé’s dog Reagan. Due to housing restrictions, she has taken up residence with his parents. While Reagan is not technically my dog, she is “my sweet girl,” and with her in mind, my heart breaks as I watch this ad. Of course, I also drive a Chevrolet SUV, so I guess I’m the target market. Well-played by the folks at “The Herd Films,” who produced the spot–they owe me a travel pack of tissues.



Chevrolet Commercial 2014 - "Maddie" from The Herd on Vimeo.