OurPet’s Introduces 53 Products

The OurPet’s Company (booth 2735) has introduced 53 new products under the OurPets and Pet Zone brands. The products span multiple product categories, including feeding solutions, dog and cat toys, and feline waste-management solutions.

In the feeding category, the company has added its OurPets Bone Appetit raised storage feeder and feeding accessories, as well as the Pet Zone Original No-Slip Stainless Steel bowls and accessories.

The company’s new cat toys include 15 OurPets Corknip products, which feature premium, North-American-grown catnip and natural cork. The OurPets brand also added Catnip Gel, Whack-A-Mouse floor toy and Jitter Mouse toys. Pet Zone has introduced its Pet Zone Pounce House cat tunnel, Romp-A-Round toy, KittyKicker and Catnip Crinkle Disks.

In the feline waste-management category, the company introduced OurPets EZ Scoop litter box system, a disposable litter box with built-in OdorLESS technology and a variety of litter box accessories. Pet Zone has debuted its Simply Scoop litter box, along with a line of feline waste management accessories.