Salix Animal Health Introduces Jerky Rawhides

Salix Animal Health has added Good ‘n’ Fun Pork, Beef & Chicken Jerky and the Good ‘n’ Fun Pork, Beef & Beef Jerky rawhide chews to its lineup. The Pork, Beef & Chicken varieties are made in South America with beefhide and porkhide, wrapped in chicken jerky. The chicken varieties are available in a 7 pack of mini-bones, an 8-in. bone, a 10 pack of twists, and a 6-in. bone (available in a single or 3 pack).








The Pork, Beef & Beef Jerky wrapped rawhide chews are also made in South America with beefhide and porkhide wrapped within beef jerky. The beef varieties come in a 2 pack of 7-in. rolls, a 3 pack of 4-in. bones, an 8-in. bone and a 3 pack of 6-in. bones.