Meow Mix Invites Fans to Vote for Next Invention

Meow Mix cat food has launched its Meow Mix Catstarter interactive website, which allows cat lovers across the country the opportunity to select an invention they would like to see created by the Meow Mix brand team.

“It’s no secret that mealtime is the perfect opportunity for cats and their pet parents to bond, which is why Meow Mix wants to help foster and enrich the mealtime experience with Meow Mix Catstarter,” said Kimberly Rom, senior brand manager, Meow Mix cat food. “For the first time, pet parents are in the driver’s seat to select the next product that will make mealtime more memorable or playtime more playful.”

Cat parents can visit the Catstarter website through April 11 to vote for one of three products. The designs include:

The Twister dish, which is a unique food bowl designed to funnel food from the edge of the center of the dish so cats can get to the very last bite.

#MealMachine, which is a technologically advanced mealtime tool that can feed a hungry cat with a single tweet.

Hot Keys, which is a miniature keyboard bed that attaches to a  computer and is warmed by keystrokes. It allows cat owners to get work done, while bonding with their furry friends.

The project that receives the most votes will be produced and distributed randomly to selected fans who have entered for a chance to win. Cat owners also have the opportunity to submit their own idea as a cat project that could become the next Meow Mix Catstarter invention.