Top Tweets

Pet Business offers a look at some notable social media posts from pet specialty retailers, as well as our own commentary on what we think makes these posts work. Here are some recent examples:




Why it works: Plenty of pet specialty retailers understand the power of social media to connect with shoppers, but LitterPaw Pet Supply’s use of Twitter to recruit potential employees is inspired. Not only is the retailer undoubtedly reaching the right age demographic with this digital platform, it is also speaking directly to pet lovers who are already familiar with the business.




Why it works: Petagogy is not only using its social media presence to promote pet dental health month and its lineup of oral-care products, it is backing this promotion up with discounts to inspire pet owners to stop into the store.




Why it works: It’s no secret that services are big business in pet retail, but pet stores must make sure that potential customers know that these services are available in order to be successful. To this end, Kiki’s Pet Spa & Boutique is using social media to make sure local pet owners know that their shops offer much more than simply grooming.