Baltimore Police Officer Helps Animals in Need


The Internet was introduced to Baltimore police offer John Boyer a few months ago, when a picture of him with a kitten he rescued was posted to the BARCS Animal Shelter Facebook page. Officer Boyer can be seen here cuddling the kitten, which he not only rescued, but adopted as well. BARCS posts plenty of these “Happy Tail” stories (and by “plenty,” we mean over 1,000), but in the past couple of weeks, Officer Boyer has skyrocketed to fame as his story has been picked up by The Huffington Post, Good Morning America, and websites like Buzzfeed and Perez Hilton.

Even before the fanfare, Boyer was a cat person. He owned six with his ex-girlfriend, all rescues, and when the pair split, they each took three of them. A few months back, Officer Boyer was featured as one of the faces of the Show Your Soft Side campaign, garnering him even more media attention. He has also been using his local celebrity status to attract attendees to adoption events in and around the Baltimore area.

A Facebook page named “I Love Jon Boyer” has popped up in his honor, and animal lovers everywhere are asking if Officer Boyer is, himself, looking for love. It just so happens that Officer Boyer is single and he is putting that status to good use by auctioning off group dates, as well as a solo date.

For the dog lovers out there who are wondering if they could make it work with a cat lover like Officer Boyer, we’re happy to report that he rescues dogs as well. Maybe the folks over at The Bachelor should give Officer Boyer a call; they could use someone sweet to repair the damage Juan Pablo did to the show’s reputation this season.