by Robyn Bright on Jul 31, 2014
“When you were a child, did your mother force you—or at least try to force you—to eat certain foods that you simply hated? For me, it was green beans, and to this day, I cannot stand them. Every week, my mom would make them, and I would always figure out a way to get rid of them without actually putting any in my mouth. Parrots and kids have a lot in common when it comes…”

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by Robyn Bright on Jul 1, 2014
“Every bird owner faces the possibility of having to deal with an injury or emergency at some point in their pet’s life; therefore, it is imperative for store personnel to understand and be able to explain to customers what to do and how to be prepared. Owners of caged birds…”
by Robyn Bright on Jun 1, 2014
“To stay healthy, pet birds must eat foods that cover all of their nutritional needs. It is a simple statement—and it seems obvious—but pet owners often do not know exactly what their birds need. Unlike dogs or cats, there are many species of caged birds, each with different nutritional requirements.…”
by Robyn Bright on May 1, 2014
“    Modern or contemporary, classic or retro, the design of a person’s home, as well as their personal tastes, will determine what type of bird cage a pet owner will buy. Space availability and price will also play a role, of course, in what a bird owner chooses. Fortunately,…”
by Robyn Bright on Mar 1, 2014
“When a bird is moved from one location to another, whether it is from a breeder to a pet store or from the store to the bird’s new home, it can be stressful. It is important for store personnel to know how to properly bring birds into the store as…”