by Robyn Bright on Feb 1, 2014
“        Matching customers to a pet bird that will be right for them—and vice versa—is an important task for anyone who works in a pet store. It is extremely important for employees to understand not only the general traits and characteristics of different bird species, but to also know the personalities of the birds for sale in the store. This can make the difference between having a happy and satisfied customer, or…”

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by Robyn Bright on Jan 1, 2014
“    Most parents can appreciate the convenience of having a local playground where their kids can stretch their legs and go a bit crazy swinging, climbing, sliding and just playing. All intelligent creatures need to play and should have access to a place where they can get a bit…”
by Robyn Bright on Dec 1, 2013
“    Many of us can remember setting up our first place—usually an apartment that hopefully was a bit larger than a postage stamp. Part of the fun was finding all the necessary furniture and accessories we needed to be comfortable in our new home. It is not so different…”
by Robyn Bright on Nov 1, 2013
“    One of the most controversial topics in bird keeping is what should be put in the tray at the bottom of a cage and how often it should be changed. However, pet store employees can help bird owners find the perfect bedding for their pets by considering the…”
by Robyn Bright on Oct 1, 2013
“    It is a fact that most pet retailers do not sell wild bird products. The reasons range from not having enough space to not wanting to compete with mass-market stores. But today’s bird lovers are giving retailers good reason to reconsider their stance on these products. As people…”