by Robyn Bright on Aug 1, 2012
“Years ago, when I worked as a veterinary technician, I was surprised how little nutrition seemed to come into play during the treatment of cats and dogs, unless it was an obvious dietary problem like obesity. When I asked the veterinarians about this, they noted that very little of their education was devoted to animal diets, yet nutrition is everything when it comes to the health of our pets.These days, manufacturers are producing better diets…”

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by Robyn Bright on Jul 1, 2012
“The least favorite job of most pet owners and pet store personnel is cleaning the cages, aquariums, litter boxes and so on, but it is a crucial task. In order to keep our pets healthy, their environments must be kept unsoiled and fresh. Considering that birds are among the messiest…”
by Robyn Bright on May 1, 2012
“Judging from the new bird cages and playpens on display at Global Pet Expo 2012, held in Orlando, Fla., the latest designs lean toward the practical, with a focus on products that are easy to set up and clean. Of course, colors and shapes have changed to keep up with…”
by Robyn Bright on Mar 1, 2012
“One of the worst things for pet owners to deal with—and a reason they often get rid of their animals—is bad behavior. Unfortunately, it is often the pet owners themselves who are inadvertently encouraging this behavior, and this is particularly true with parrots.Retailers can help bird owners prevent bad behaviors…”
by Robyn Bright on Jan 31, 2012
“One of the most disheartening phone calls a pet store can get is from an owner who believes their pet bird is sick and wants to know what they should do. Employees must be familiar with the signs and symptoms of bird illnesses if they are going to be of…”