by Robyn Bright on Mar 1, 2012
“One of the worst things for pet owners to deal with—and a reason they often get rid of their animals—is bad behavior. Unfortunately, it is often the pet owners themselves who are inadvertently encouraging this behavior, and this is particularly true with parrots.Retailers can help bird owners prevent bad behaviors by teaching them about birds’ natural tendencies and explaining how to avoid encouraging troubling behavior, such as yelling excessively or biting—the two most common problems…”

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by Robyn Bright on Jan 31, 2012
“One of the most disheartening phone calls a pet store can get is from an owner who believes their pet bird is sick and wants to know what they should do. Employees must be familiar with the signs and symptoms of bird illnesses if they are going to be of…”
by Robyn Bright on Dec 31, 2011
“Playing is a behavior we see in many animals, but it is the creatures that are considered extremely smart that seem to show the most play behavior. Parrots are, without a doubt, among the most intelligent pets kept in captivity and, in many ways, the most playful and most in…”
by Robyn Bright on Dec 1, 2011
“One of the best ideas I’ve ever heard for getting new bird owners to revisit a store to buy food and accessories is to give them a lifetime guarantee on the pet they just bought. This may seem extreme, but the independent pet store that uses this policy has been…”
by Robyn Bright on Nov 1, 2011
““Mmmmmm…Mmmmmm…Good” was one of the phrases learned by a Green-winged macaw at my father’s store back in the 1970s, when a commercial of a well-known soup company used this slogan in its ads. Every time an employee gave the macaw a treat, it would say this phrase. Little did we…”