by Lindsey Wojcik on Apr 10, 2015
“Today is my last day as Pet Business magazine’s associate editor. I have truly enjoyed being immersed in the pet industry these last four years. I have not only learned what it takes to be an editor at a B2B publication, but I leave with a wealth of knowledge about caring for pets. While I do not currently have a pet of my own, I am confident I will use this information in the future…”

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by Jennifer Boncy on Apr 7, 2015
“  Brought to you courtesy of Grooming Business magazine.   There is nothing better for a pet grooming salon owner than having happy customers with happy pets walk out the front door grinning and proud to show off their groomer’s handiwork. Nothing, that is, except perhaps having them walk back…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Apr 6, 2015
“Could your pet business become ground zero for the next canine flu epidemic? If you're not careful, it could.According to multiple media reports, such as this, an outbreak of canine flu is close to reaching epidemic proportions in Chicago. More than 1,000 dogs have reportedly been infected, with the infection…”
by Lindsey Wojcik on Mar 31, 2015
“While spring officially sprung a few weeks ago (at least on the calendar), many parts of the country are still experiencing winter’s cold snap. The always-puzzling temperatures are almost certainly making Americans antsy for spring’s sunshine and warmth. Pet owners—and their pets—may be especially eager to engage the season’s traditional…”
by Jennifer Boncy on Mar 26, 2015
“    We are deep into spring break season and well on our way to the eagerly anticipated summer months, and retailers and manufacturers in a variety of categories are gearing up to showcase their travel-related products. From posh swimsuits to luggage and sleeping bags and bug sprays, merchandised designed…”