by Jennifer Boncy on May 22, 2015
“  The dog days of summer are nearly upon us. While kids may be rejoicing, many retailers are lamenting the anticipated lag in business as people pack their bags and head for far flung, warm-weather destinations. Meanwhile, retailers that happen to be situated in vacation destinations are prepping for an onslaught of fresh business. Either way, now is prime time for retailers to plan the most effective merchandising strategies for heating up summer sales.   …”

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by Alyssa Brewer on May 19, 2015
“When it comes to the cost of raising a dog, not all cities are created equal. Pet insurance company Trupanion calculated the five most and least expensive cities to have a dog and found that San Francisco owners shell out the most for the privilege of pet ownership, while Phoenix…”
by Jennifer Boncy on May 7, 2015
“  Everyone in the pet industry knows that dogs rule. When it comes to the number of U.S. households with dogs and the amount of money consumers spend in pet specialty, canines have typically outpaced all other pets—hamsters, turtles, fish, geckos, rabbits, sugar gliders, tarantulas and yes, even cats.   …”
by Mark Kalaygian on May 1, 2015
“For years now, the U.S. public has been hearing about the decimation of our fragile ecosystems by exploding populations of scary-looking invasive species, whether its Burmese pythons in the Everglades,  snakehead fish in the rivers of Maryland and Virginia, or lionfish off the coast of Florida. Well, meet the newest—and…”
by Jennifer Boncy on Apr 30, 2015
“Brought to you courtesy of Grooming Business magazine.   The mobile pet grooming business is flourishing these days, as groomers increasingly recognize the advantages of taking their trade on the road. By going mobile, many find that they are able to leave behind the many hardships that come with running…”