by Melissa Breau on Jun 30, 2015
“The virtual jungle gym of sisal, carpet and cardboard found in pet specialty stores’ cat scratchers and climbers sections could make for any cat’s dream play land. For retailers, on the other hand, the category can be an important profit center. “Sales of cat scratchers are increasing,” says Gabriella DeSantis, vice president of marketing at OurPet’s Company, who attributes this to the growing innovation in the category. “New designs and materials are being introduced all…”

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by Melissa Breau on May 28, 2015
“The American Pet Products Association reports that the average cat owner spent $246 on cat food last year.  Considering there are 85.8 million cats residing in U.S. households, the cat food market clearly represents a significant chunk of the more than $58 billion pet owners spent on their pets in…”
by Melissa Breau on Apr 27, 2015
“Most people do not look forward to visiting the dentist, but they still understand the importance of  taking care of their teeth. That is because preventive care, when it comes to our teeth, is half the battle. The same is true for felines—something an ever-growing portion of cat owners are…”
by Melissa Breau on Mar 30, 2015
“The cat category has been undergoing a quiet revolution. Whereas the cat aisle was once lined with blandly colored plastic bowls, boxes and carpet-covered scratchers—things pet owners would want to hide when company came over—today, it boasts a collection of thoughtfully designed accessories, with design options for every household and…”
by Melissa Breau on Mar 1, 2015
“While dogs have long been constant companions to their on-the-go owners, for many years, cats were left behind.  Although considered family members, cats were viewed as homebodies, with a reputation for being such poor travelers that many owners kept even veterinarian visits to a minimum.  But this is changing. “With…”