by Melissa Breau on Jul 1, 2014
“Among domestic cats’ most notable features are their claws. Once essential tools for ancestral felines, claws were crucial when it came to climbing and hunting. However, even indoor cats today retain deep-seated instincts to scratch, claw and climb. Most cats happily demonstrate those instincts—whether they are given an appropriate place to do so or not. Cat scratchers and other cat furniture play an important role in helping customers avoid damaged couches, curtains and carpets. They…”

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by Melissa Breau on Jun 1, 2014
“The canine segment seems to reign supreme in the pet food market, but the cat food market may be more substantial today than many realize. Research suggests that dogs still dominate some pet ownership statistics. According to the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) 2013/2014 National Pet Owners Survey, only 45.3…”
by Melissa Breau on May 1, 2014
“      The eyes may be known as the window to the soul—but a cat’s mouth is the key to good health. Poor dental health can lead to serious health problems, including heart, lung and kidney disease.    “Good oral care is important for a pet’s overall health,” says…”
by Melissa Breau on Apr 1, 2014
“In its most basic form, litter boxes are pretty simple products—after all, everything you need to know about them is right there in the name. They are boxes for litter, right?While that may have been true once upon a time, the category has evolved by leaps and bounds in the…”
by Melissa Breau on Mar 2, 2014
“    Once upon a time, a cat carrier was a pretty simple thing. Most cat owners didn’t travel with their cat often, so when they did, they just used a cardboard fold-out carrier with enough ventilation holes to ensure the cat got fresh air. Fortunately, the carriers hitting store…”