by Melissa Breau on Oct 1, 2013
“  Everyone has heard of cats’ natural attraction to catnip, but there is another product on the market that has proven irresistible to felines: cat gardens. These verdant treats are becoming increasingly popular as more cat owners discover that not only do their feline companions love chomping on cat gardens, they also benefit from the nutrients they offer—and the benefits do not end there. For cat owners, these edible gardens also solve a pesky, but…”

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by Melissa Breau on Sep 1, 2013
“        The saying that cats have nine lives may be a myth, but today’s cats are living increasingly longer lifespans, largely due to better healthcare and the many health and wellness products now available. According to the ASPCA, the average lifespan of an indoor cat is 13…”
by Melissa Breau on Aug 1, 2013
“Cat litter may not be a glamorous category, but litter and its accessories are a valuable part of any retailer’s cat product selection. Since almost every cat-owning customer needs litter on a regular basis, the category can drive continual traffic into pet specialty stores that are stocked with the products…”
by Melissa Breau on Jul 1, 2013
“Cats love to climb, scratch and sleep. So, it makes sense that there are not only a multitude of products available to help them enjoy these activities, but that pet retailers can see significant returns when selling them. However, these products do not come without challenges. Maximizing returns on feline…”
by Melissa Breau on Jun 1, 2013
“      For years, when it came to cat food, independent pet stores tried to compete with grocers and mass merchants on price, leading to almost non-existent margins. So while the category was a must-have, it was not necessarily profitable. But pet humanization has ushered in major changes in…”