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by Mark Kalaygian on May 1, 2013
“      It’s tough to be a single-store operator these days. Facing an unprecedented amount of competition and margin pressure–and lacking the economies of scale that chains enjoy–small, independent retailers must develop the right strategy for attracting and maintaining a loyal customer base, as well as maximizing every sale. The alternative, as an unfortunate number of single-store operators have discovered over the past several years, means going out of business. While the pet industry…”

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by By Lindsey Wojcik on Apr 1, 2013
“    The black eye that the pet food category suffered from the massive recall in 2007 has yet to fade. Although six years have passed since products from dozens of pet food brands were pulled from retail shelves because of possible melamine contamination, recalls remain a fact of life…”
by Melissa Breau on Mar 1, 2013
“      Most pet professionals would likely give out the same three pieces of advice to anyone looking to adopt or buy a puppy: choose a puppy that is the right fit for your home, make sure it gets plenty of training so it learns what is expected of…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Feb 1, 2013
“The toll that the latest Great Recession and lingering post-recession economic malaise has taken on a broad spectrum of retailers is undeniable. Specialty stores, in particular, have felt the effects of tightening consumer pocketbooks over the past five years, as price-focused mass retailers like Walmart have tried to leverage this…”
by Jennifer Boncy on Jan 1, 2013
“In the span of one average American lifetime—approximately 75 years—the puppy-in-the-window business model has gone from being a beloved Main Street staple to being an oft-scorned and visible reminder of the dark side of puppy sales.That’s not to say that there aren’t successful pet shops out there thriving on puppy…”