by Pamela Mills-Senn on May 28, 2015
“Just as parents enjoy spoiling their children by showering them with toys, dog owners often want to pamper their pooches, making the pet toy category dynamic and profitable for pet specialty retailers. The market offers a wide range of dog toys, including interactive, pull and chew toys—and all have their place in the home. Then, there are plush toys. Second only to chew toys in popularity, these products provide soothing comfort to the many dogs…”

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by Pamela Mills-Senn on Apr 27, 2015
“It might seem that dog bowls make for a pretty straightforward category—perhaps even a little boring—but manufacturers are energizing the category by offering a vast variety of dog feeding and water bowls that can help jazz up a store’s assortment, merchandising and sales.Bowl manufacturers are expending all manner of creativity…”
by Dorothy Crouch on Apr 27, 2015
“Though many pet parents are purchasing natural and higher-quality products to keep their pets healthy, ensuring the health of dogs during the hottest days of the year requires additional steps. Recognizing this need, dog-product manufacturers are releasing a variety of innovative products that promote safe, outdoor summer fun.Fret-Free FloatationDespite the…”
by Pamela Mills-Senn on Mar 30, 2015
“Dog remedies and supplements have become increasingly sophisticated, enabling pet owners to better support the overall health of their dogs or target specific problems. This category also provides pet specialty retailers with the chance to make a meaningful contribution to pet health and their customers’ peace of mind. After all,…”
by Pamela Mills-Senn on Mar 1, 2015
“From a dog’s perspective, the world is full of unsettling things—loud noises, fireworks, thunder, vacuum cleaners, trips to the vet and long days spent alone while the family is out for work or school. All of these can send a dog caroming into unwanted, anxiety-driven behaviors such as incessant barking,…”