by Pamela Mills-Senn on Dec 1, 2014
“Pet specialty retailers were among the early adopters of grain-free foods and treats, and they have played a pivotal role in spreading pet owner awareness of these products and their benefits. Of course, there have been other trends also propelling the product category. People are becoming more focused on the quality of their own diets, a concern that has trickled down to their pets. At the same time, more grain-free products are hitting the marketplace,…”

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by Pamela Mills-Senn on Nov 1, 2014
“There are a lot of great things that come with having a puppy or dog in the family—but it is highly doubtful that the task of housebreaking would be among them. For first-timers, housetraining can be a daunting, almost overwhelming prospect. In some cases, if the job does not go…”
by Lindsey Wojcik on Nov 1, 2014
“Seeing a poster boasting the words “lost dog” or “lost cat” accompanied by a photo of the adorable animal plastered around a neighborhood can be heartbreaking for community members, but for that pet’s family, posting those signs is even more devastating. While most pet owners take many precautions to ensure…”
by Pamela Mills-Senn on Oct 1, 2014
“    Over the last decade, people have become far more passionate about what they feed their canine companions. This passion has fueled a growing demand for raw foods—which, while associated with many health benefits, have often been yoked with a reputation for being inconvenient or difficult to handle. However,…”
by Pamela Mills-Senn on Sep 1, 2014
“People have become obsessed with sleep and getting enough of it—and not without good reason. Research appears to link all manner of physical and psychological woes to not getting enough sleep. Little wonder then that among other sleep-inducing strategies, folks have dialed into the importance of a good mattress. It…”