by Pamela Mills-Senn on Nov 1, 2013
“    Step into a toddler’s room and you will likely feel as if you have entered a toy store. Toys are everywhere—and why not? Not only are they fun to play with—and fun to buy—they educate, help families bond, inspire creativity, and keep kids entertained and challenged. The same can be said for dog toys. Considering the humanization of pets, it is not surprising that this category has resonated so strongly with dog owners,…”

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“      Brushless Toothpaste and Fizzy Plaque Zapper, from Ark Naturals (, provide the benefits of brushing without the hassle. Brushless Toothpaste chews are filled with the company’s patented StayC50 toothpaste. The chews also have breath-freshening ingredients like cinnamon, vanilla, clove and chlorophyll. They are free of wheat, gluten,…”
by Pamela Mills-Senn on Oct 1, 2013
“    Want to get a handle on what is happening in the canine healthcare and supplements category? Look no further than your own cache of healthcare and supplement products to figure out what is becoming increasingly important to dog owners today. As humans continue to respond to their own…”
“        The Aviator Pet Carrier, from Pet Gear (, is a three-in-one pet carrier, car seat and bed designed to meet the high demands of traveling with pets. The padded design holds its shape and gives pets plenty of room. It has an interior adjustable tether that…”
by Pamela Mills-Senn on Sep 1, 2013
“    While there are still a fair number of people who are not overly concerned about the repercussions of an unbalanced diet, by most accounts their numbers are dwindling as more folks embrace healthier lifestyles. As people have become more educated about the benefits of making good nutritional choices…”