by Pamela Mills-Senn on Mar 1, 2013
“As people have become more aware of the role nutrition plays in their own health, they are realizing the same is true for their pets. Thus, many of the trends that can be observed on human dinner plates have steadily trickled down to dog bowls. Grain-free foods and treats are currently at the center of this movement, which is being driven by pet owners’ increasing understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet. “People are becoming…”

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by Pamela Mills-Senn on Feb 11, 2013
“As cute as they may be at first, children who are allowed to run amok—yelling, pushing, breaking things and generally misbehaving—quickly become annoying. The same holds true when it comes to our four-footed “kids.” Fortunately, the pet product market offers a wide range of tools to help pet parents who…”
by Pamela Mills-Senn on Jan 1, 2013
“Sure, the mild winter that hit many parts of the country last year had some people celebrating, but for a lot of dog owners, there was a downside to all the climatic moderation, which the hot, hot summer that followed only intensified. We’re talking fleas. It’s a nasty reality. Give…”
by Pamela Mills-Senn on Dec 1, 2012
“Dog owners may think of their canine companions as kids, pretty much giving them the run of the house and yard, but even human children have to be corralled at times—and it’s no different for the four-legged versions. To this end, pet products manufacturers have devised all manner of containment…”
by Pamela Mills-Senn on Nov 1, 2012
“If only the treats children clamor for were as healthy as those formulated for dogs, parents would have it a lot easier. After all, redirecting wheedling youngsters away from candy and chips toward the better-for-you snacks is often an exhausting and ongoing battle, one that can break the will of…”