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by Mark Kalaygian on Mar 30, 2015
“Is Walmart paying its employees better than you are paying yours?For the sake of your business—and your staff—I hope not. Walmart made big news in February when it announced that it would increase the entry-level wages of its store associates to $9 an hour this month and up to $10 an hour early next year. The increases were billed by CEO Doug McMillon—who actually got his start with the organization as an hourly distribution center…”

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by Mark Kalaygian on Mar 1, 2015
“Forget how the conversation has been framed up until now—tomorrow’s problems are here today. All too often, when members of the pet industry discuss the challenges facing today’s specialty retailers, the conversation focuses on some undefined period down the road. In this future, say the experts, Baby Boomers will slow…”
“Are independent brick-and-mortar pet shops being quietly phased out by vendors looking to punch their own ticket on the freight train that is Internet retailing?Well, from where I’m sitting, it certainly looks that way—and that is downright scary for the pet industry.For years, I have heard many manufacturers loudly and…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Dec 29, 2014
“Has the other shoe dropped for PetSmart? As was widely reported, the Phoenix-based, big-box pet specialty retailer, which operates more than 1,300 stores in the U.S. and Canada, recently agreed to be acquired by a group fronted by BC Partners Inc., a U.K.-based private equity firm. The sale marks the…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Dec 1, 2014
“Will pet specialty retailers still be cheerful when the calendar flips to 2015, or will they be suffering from a holiday hangover? The way that the last few weeks of 2014 play out will undoubtedly be an important factor in determining whether or not pet stores have a happy and…”