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by Mark Kalaygian on Jul 31, 2014
“Everybody loves a bargain. For some, saving a penny here or there might be a necessity. Others simply enjoy hunting for the best price. However, regardless of their position on the financial spectrum, all shoppers appreciate getting a great deal. Independent pet specialty retailers should keep this in mind when crafting and refining their merchandising strategies. While a high level of customer service and a unique product mix are, without a doubt, the competitive strengths…”

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by Mark Kalaygian on Jul 1, 2014
“In today’s increasingly technology-driven world, pet specialty retailers large and small must ask themselves, “Are we doing enough to harness the power of the Internet to grow our business?”Unfortunately, in many cases, the answer is probably no.While just about every modern retailer has at least some token presence on the…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Jun 1, 2014
“Is the boom about to go bust? That is the question that has been plaguing many pet industry players over the past several years as they have watched the Baby Boomer generation inch closer to an age at which pet ownership rates traditionally drop off a cliff. It is not…”
by Mark Kalaygian on May 1, 2014
“    While it may seem counterintuitive, all of the distributor consolidation going on within the pet specialty channel just might prove to be a positive development for retailers—at least for those who know the right way to navigate through the changes.   Typically, when a retail channel’s supply chain…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Apr 1, 2014
“For three days in March, Global Pet Expo may have supplanted Disney World as the happiest place on earth, or at least in Orlando, Fla. There was a palpable sense of optimism among attendees and exhibitors alike across the four miles worth of pet product exhibits. The pet industry has…”