by Edward C. Taylor on Jan 1, 2014
“      With the economy continuing to challenge retailers, being able to increase sales without spending one extra penny would be a blessing. The question is: How can retailers generate more revenue without spending more money? Employing salesmanship is one option—it is certainly a trait that anyone can admire in a sales associate. However, great salesmanship may lead to selling products to people who do not need them, or selling the wrong products to…”

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by Edward C. Taylor on Dec 1, 2013
“    How much food customers feed, what type of food they feed and how often they feed their fish is not a statistic; it is a dynamic. As a retailer, if you merchandise fish foods properly, you have an opportunity to control all three parameters. A retailer’s influence on…”
by Edward C. Taylor on Nov 1, 2013
“      The nano concept, as it is employed in the aquatics trade, can be a very good idea. After all, a nano tank is a completely integrated unit with virtually everything that a consumer needs all contained in a single box——minus the fish, of course—which makes for no-muss,…”
by Edward C. Taylor on Oct 1, 2013
“        The first décor item that was ever used in an aquarium was probably a rock. It is simple enough for most people—go out to the nearest stream, pick out a nicely colored and shaped rock of appropriate size, and put it in the tank. Maybe they…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Oct 1, 2013
“    While they have traditionally been viewed by shoppers as being nothing more than an element of fish-tank décor—albeit a necessary one—substrates actually serve a much higher purpose in the aquarium, and thus in retailers’ aquatic departments. While they do, indeed, serve a clear decorative role, today’s substrate products…”