by Mark Kalaygian on Oct 1, 2013
“    While they have traditionally been viewed by shoppers as being nothing more than an element of fish-tank décor—albeit a necessary one—substrates actually serve a much higher purpose in the aquarium, and thus in retailers’ aquatic departments. While they do, indeed, serve a clear decorative role, today’s substrate products also often provide the very foundation upon which a healthy aquarium ecosystem is built. They accomplish this by providing vital nutrients for the life growing…”

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by Edward C. Taylor on Sep 1, 2013
“    Summer is over, and it is time to gear up for the high season of sales. Many fish tank owners neglect their aquariums over the summer and will be ready to make some new additions. Retailers can certainly expect fish sales to gradually increase by late September and…”
“    Sustainable Aquatics, a Jefferson City, Tenn.-based marine ornamental fish hatchery, has a decade of experience in breeding a variety of aquatic species for the pet industry. Throughout its history, the company has focused primarily on supporting brick-and-mortar independent pet stores. It even operates a retail aquarium shop in…”
by Edward C. Taylor on Aug 1, 2013
“Many pet specialty stores perform tests on customers’ water samples—it is, after all, a great service to offer. As with everything else in life, however, there are multiple levels of products available with which to execute the service. For example, cars may range in price from $12,000 to well over…”
by Jennifer Boncy on Aug 1, 2013
“The aquarium supply market is awash with water treatment products formulated to maintain clean, beautiful aquariums that provide the optimal conditions to support the living organisms residing within.Water quality is central to the success of all aquarium hobbyists, and most will turn to their local pet specialty store for guidance…”