by Edward C. Taylor on Jan 1, 2013
“In our business, a fish tank is merely a glass cage until it is transformed into something more attractive. This requires the use of decor items. There are really not that many categories to choose from: background, substrate material, rocks, driftwood, plants (live and artificial) and ornaments. Perhaps the most important décor element that fish owners will need, however, is imagination. Even with everything you need to do the job, the project will only come…”

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by Edward C. Taylor on Dec 1, 2012
“During almost any discussion concerning fish foods, one question always arises: Is there a food, or several foods, that can be considered a complete diet and does not need to be supplemented with any additional food items? The answer is: Even if this food exists, run away from it as…”
by Edward C. Taylor on Nov 1, 2012
“Let’s say you’ve got a thriving pet specialty store that has strong sales in aquatic livestock and supplies. You have a core base of customers who have grown to love you, and more importantly, they trust you and consider you a great resource. Word of mouth brings new customers to…”
by Edward C. Taylor on Sep 30, 2012
“People frequently judge others by the clothes they wear and the shoes on their feet—and this is perfectly logical, since there is little else they have to go on if they do not know them personally. Fish tanks may come under scrutiny in the same way; they are evaluated strictly…”
by Ed Taylor on Sep 1, 2012
“There comes a time when every retailer has to evaluate the state of its aquatics department. Is your equipment old? Are your aquariums scratched? Do your filters frequently stop running for no reason? Is your lighting dingy and outdated, or is your décor non-existent? If you answered yes to any…”