by By Edward C. Taylor on Apr 1, 2013
“        Depending on your perspective, aquarium lighting can be complex or rather simple. For the person setting up a freshwater community environment, it is as simple as one, two, three—a single- or double-lamp fixture with standard white bulbs should suffice, nine times out of 10. On the other hand, a reef hobbyist might require an exotic combination of numerous lighting types. Either way, these customers look to retailers to help meet those…”

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by Edward C. Taylor on Mar 1, 2013
“  How many different categories of marine aquariums are there? Many people might say there are two—tanks only inhabited with fish, and those inhabited by corals and other invertebrates, or in other words, a reef tank. But in reality, there are virtually no reef tanks without fish and only a…”
by Edward C. Taylor on Feb 11, 2013
“How many of your customers are savvy enough to tell if one shelf-stable food is better than another? My guess is that there are very few—perhaps one in a hundred. If I am correct, that means it is up to you to aim most people in the right direction when…”
by Edward C. Taylor on Jan 1, 2013
“In our business, a fish tank is merely a glass cage until it is transformed into something more attractive. This requires the use of decor items. There are really not that many categories to choose from: background, substrate material, rocks, driftwood, plants (live and artificial) and ornaments. Perhaps the most…”
by Edward C. Taylor on Dec 1, 2012
“During almost any discussion concerning fish foods, one question always arises: Is there a food, or several foods, that can be considered a complete diet and does not need to be supplemented with any additional food items? The answer is: Even if this food exists, run away from it as…”