by Edward Taylor on Jul 1, 2013
“Throughout most of the continental United States, the pond department in many pet shops is like a neglected stepchild. It only gets to shine when Prince Charming finally comes along to breathe life into it. In this case, Prince Charming is the weather—otherwise known as spring and summer. Geographically blessed retailers may have up to six months a year during which they can sell a good deal of pond equipment and livestock. For the rest…”

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by Mark Kalaygian on Jul 1, 2013
“While the aquarium business has been getting a lot of attention for the sales decline and subsequent rebound that it experienced over the past several years, the pond category has steadily kept swimming along. As a result, pet stores that have waded into the pond business are seeing a solid…”
by Edward C. Taylor on Jun 1, 2013
“        Remember the days when the average shop selling reef equipment and livestock was a small-town operation with little competition? In fact, these stores were likely to be the only game in town. With such a dearth of competition, life was good for many of these retailers,…”
by Edward C. Taylor on May 1, 2013
“    The variety of products that fall under the umbrella of pumps and filters is staggering. Yet, while they are diverse in many ways, at their core, they are the very heart of every aquarium. While selling pumps and filters is easy, selling them properly is a serious challenge.…”
by By Edward C. Taylor on Apr 1, 2013
“        Depending on your perspective, aquarium lighting can be complex or rather simple. For the person setting up a freshwater community environment, it is as simple as one, two, three—a single- or double-lamp fixture with standard white bulbs should suffice, nine times out of 10. On the…”