by Carol Visser on Feb 1, 2015
“Shedding is a problem that just about every pet owner faces, and it can be a troublesome one. Luckily, pet retailers are in a position to be shedding solution heroes for their customers. Some thoughtful merchandising and customer education can lead to strong sales and provide much-needed help for customers dealing with shed hair issues.All dogs and cats—except the few truly hairless ones—shed, and even hairless animals shed dead skin cells. Medium-length silky coats may…”

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by Carol Visser on Dec 29, 2014
“Winter is the time of year when mud, rain, snow and cold make it difficult to keep pets clean, tidy and sweet smelling. Luckily, between-bath sprays and wipes can make it a whole lot simpler.These handy products can keep a pet looking and smelling good for extended periods of time…”
by Carol Visser on Dec 1, 2014
“Clippers are among the most important tools that groomers utilize, and stylists tend to use specific clippers for different jobs. The most popular are small, lightweight trimmers for smaller jobs; larger, heavy-duty clippers for tough shave-down jobs or thick coats; and an everyday clipper. Multiple clippers can represent a substantial…”
by Carol Visser on Nov 1, 2014
“As with so many pet grooming product categories, ear care products can be good moneymakers for retailers, while ensuring pets are getting the best possible care. All it takes is a little effort from sales staff to educate pet owners on the importance of a good ear-care routine. Although many…”
by Carol Visser on Oct 1, 2014
“Pet owners are increasingly discovering the many benefits of home bathing. It can be a great bonding experience for pets and their owners. Home bathing also keeps pets tidy between trips to the groomer, and gives pet owners the opportunity to inspect the pet’s skin and coat, which can lead…”