by Carol Visser on Mar 1, 2014
“No matter whether you are grooming in a kennel, salon, mobile unit or a client’s home, getting animals clean as thoroughly and efficiently as possible is vital to the end product. Dogs have to look great, smell wonderful and feel superb to the owner’s touch. Dogs that require clipper and scissor-finish work also need to have their coats prepared correctly according to the coat’s texture. The quality of the prep work dictates the quality of…”

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by Carol Visser on Feb 1, 2014
“      Contrary to common belief, while it is certainly true that some breeds shed more than others, there is no such thing as a dog with hair that doesn’t shed. The difference lies in whether most of the shed hair easily slides out of the coat—as in the…”
by Carol Visser on Jan 1, 2014
“  It’s that time of year again­—the time when no matter what pet owners do, their pets track mud, moisture and that doggy odor throughout the house. It is also the season when dry, static-driven tangles can appear overnight, and dogs and cats start itching and scratching due to dry…”
by Carol Visser on Nov 1, 2013
“        While it is obvious to pet professionals that a pet’s ears should be regularly cared for, it is not necessarily apparent to the pet owner. In fact, it doesn’t occur to many dog or cat caretakers to look into their pets’ ears until there is a…”
by Carol Visser on Oct 1, 2013
“    Almost every pet salon includes nail trimming as part of the grooming process, and many offer it as an add-on service. It is, after all, an excellent and valuable benefit to provide customers. In order to make the most of the service, however, salon owners have to accomplish…”