by Carol Visser on Jul 1, 2012
“Grooming tables, as with every piece of large equipment in our industry, have gone through a design revolution in the last couple of decades. They used to be little more than sturdy card tables; now you can get electric or hydraulic mechanisms that elevate high enough to put a poodle’s foot by your chin and low enough for a great dane to step up onto it. The sheer number of choices of tables, accessories and…”

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by Carol Visser on Jun 1, 2012
“Shampoos and conditioners may not be a large segment of a pet store’s retail offerings, but they are an important one. It’s easy to bathe short-haired and small dogs at home, and as people try to skim a few dollars off the budget here and there, owners of larger and…”
by Carol Visser on May 1, 2012
“Groomers are always on a quest for the best clipper—after all, it is a central, indispensable tool for groomers. Fortunately, there is a great deal of information out there for groomers looking for the right clipper. Having the best clippers for the job, however, is only the first step in…”
by Carol Visser on Apr 1, 2012
“In increasing numbers, pet owners are treating their animals as members of the family. Pets are no longer confined to the backyard or basement, and not only do they live indoors, they are often allowed on furniture and beds. This makes odor control on pets a more significant consumer concern…”
by Carol Visser on Mar 1, 2012
“Every grooming salon has its preferred style of keeping dogs contained while waiting to be prepped, bathed, dried, finished, or for their owners to pick them up. Choosing the right containment system is important, since everything runs more smoothly when dogs are readily available for the next step in the…”