by Carol Visser on Jan 1, 2013
“All dogs shed. Some dogs shed tons, leaving behind evidence all over the house. However, even “hypoallergenic” and “non-shedding” dogs such as Bichons, Poodles, and some terriers, shed hair—it just doesn’t necessarily hit the floor. The hair texture of these dogs allow the shedding hair to cling to live coat, and the dead hairs must be brushed out or matting will occur quickly. Yet, no matter the breed, pet owners should be armed with the…”

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“I have been fascinated by tubs that move up and down ever since I first saw one in the late 1980s at Groom Expo in Hershey, Pa. Called the Du-Zee, it was a well-made tub with a hydraulic base and a flexible drain hose. There was the obvious benefit—large dogs…”
by Carol Visser on Sep 30, 2012
“Baby boomers like me remember the days when dogs rarely, if ever, had their nails trimmed, and they did just fine. In the 1960s and 1970s, suburban dogs roamed freely, roughhousing and playing with each other and the neighborhood children until they were exhausted. The daily activity wore dogs’ nails…”
by Carol Visser on Sep 1, 2012
“A huge time waster for groomers has always been handling difficult dogs—those that wiggle and squirm to escape, those that try to bite to avoid being touched or handled, and those that are overweight or old and struggle to stand for the timespan that grooming requires. Most groomers find various…”
by Carol Visser on Aug 1, 2012
“Retailers devote a good amount of space to shampoos and conditioners for pets. Sometimes, however, they don’t realize that there’s a whole world of products on the market meant to help the drying process, and they wind up neglecting great sales opportunities found in drying and finishing products.Pet owners who…”