by Carol Visser on May 1, 2013
“      A solution-oriented approach is often the best way to sell many pet care products. When it comes to coat and skin care for dogs, most consumers are looking for solutions to one of two issues—dogs that itch, and dogs that shed all over the house. Retailers that sell the right problem-solving products to address these concerns can save the day for their customers. Fortunately, the solutions for both itchiness and shedding are…”

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by By Carol Visser on Apr 1, 2013
“      Selling spa products for pets is not a new idea, but it is an idea whose time is now. The pet industry, with its usual habit of following what’s selling in the human world, has released line after line of shampoos, conditioners and luxurious grooming items aimed…”
by Carol Visser on Mar 1, 2013
“      Unless a pet specialty retailer also offers grooming services, it is not always easy to make dirty pets pay. But it can be done. Selling products that keep animals cleaner and sweeter smelling between trips to the salon is a good way to add a few more…”
by Carol Visser on Feb 11, 2013
“Tubs and bathing systems can be a fairly large investment, especially for a small salon, so getting the right one is important. Some bathing systems are fairly reasonable, but once a tub is installed, it will be costly to change your mind, so time spent researching this purchase is time…”
by Carol Visser on Jan 1, 2013
“All dogs shed. Some dogs shed tons, leaving behind evidence all over the house. However, even “hypoallergenic” and “non-shedding” dogs such as Bichons, Poodles, and some terriers, shed hair—it just doesn’t necessarily hit the floor. The hair texture of these dogs allow the shedding hair to cling to live coat,…”