by Owen Maercks on Sep 1, 2013
“    I remember wandering into a competitor’s store about 25 years ago and being utterly floored to see him selling a series of pre-made, five-gallon marine setups, replete with a bit of living coral, a few invertebrates and even some fish. Nowadays, the technology might be such that this could be functional; I wouldn’t know, as it is outside the purview of my expertise. But I knew enough then to understand that what he…”

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by Owen Maercks on Aug 1, 2013
“One of my all-time favorite customers was a mother-daughter team. Mom loved snakes but loathed spiders. Daughter was a devotee of eight-leggers but shuddered visibly at the sight of serpents. The two would stand at opposite ends of the counter to purchase supplies and, with some frequency, new pets. Only…”
by Owen Maercks on Jul 1, 2013
“Some things are a double-edged sword. There is nothing worse than that 3 a.m. phone call from the security company, letting you know that the store’s alarm has been activated. My shop, with no traffic, is a 12-minute drive from the house. I have been known to make it from…”
by Owen Maercks on Jun 1, 2013
“      I must admit: there are few things in the world that give me knee-jerk fear—one of which is something I sell. That would be the centipede. The scorpion, on the other hand, which strikes fear in the hearts many, has never scared me. I never worked with…”
by Owen Maercks on May 1, 2013
“    When I was four years old, I had a somewhat different version of the classic kids’ sandbox than most of my peers. My older brothers had built a little enclosure behind our house that was filled with rich South Florida loam and stocked with the local box turtles…”