by Owen Maercks on Jan 1, 2013
“When my wife and I bought our first computer, back in the mid 90s, we went into the local computer store as novices. It was a fascinating experience. The young man who helped us ended up selling us a computer with which we were very happy, but to this day I am perplexed as to how he ascertained our particular needs and fulfilled them. I think he (and we) got lucky. He explained our new…”

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by Owen Maercks on Dec 1, 2012
“When I was little boy, my Saturday mornings were spent exploring the local canals, swamps and woods. Saturday afternoons, however, were devoted to escaping the heat of the day with a TV double-feature: a monster movie hosted by M.T. Graves, and, inevitably, a Tarzan movie. What a perfect fantasy: life…”
by Owen Maercks on Nov 1, 2012
“Those of you who have read my previous columns in Pet Business will be used to my tips and suggestions aimed at making independent retailers competitive in the herp marketplace. I will tell you that I am generally confident in the advice I give, given that I have been in…”
by Owen Maercks on Sep 30, 2012
“Whenever I sell a family its first reptile pet, I always let the parents know that they can expect the experience to go one of three ways: either the kids will love the herp as a pet and be satisfied on that level, or perhaps they will soon figure out…”
by Owen Maercks on Sep 1, 2012
“I was 10 years old when I set up my first desert terrarium. My mother had ordered a “desert kit” from a biological supply house—reptiles in a pet store were virtually unheard of at that time—and I gleefully unpacked the large shipping box. The box contained a 10-gallon tank, four…”