by Owen Maercks on Feb 1, 2014
“        When I was 12 years old, an older cousin gave me a bona-fide classic. Living Amphibians of the World was a coffee table book, lavishly illustrated and well written. It introduced me to the entire Living series, but it remains my favorite to this day. I spent hours pouring over the whole thing, but I always came back to one particular page. About midway through, there is a picture of a…”

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by Owen Maercks on Jan 1, 2014
“    It will come as no surprise that many of my employees have particular obsessions within the herpetological universe. For instance, one of my managers is focused—to an almost unhealthy degree—on water snakes of the genus Nerodia, a thick-bodied, ill-tempered, and typically dully colored and patterned group that also…”
by Owen Maercks on Dec 1, 2013
“  The other day I was training a new employee and asked him: “I own this store, and yet, week in and week out, I spend a large portion of every day stocking our shelves with dry goods. It’s one of the most boring jobs in the store. Why do…”
by Owen Maercks on Nov 1, 2013
“    As I write this column, the death of two young Canadian boys, allegedly killed by a python, remains under investigation. As of yet, there do not seem to be any conclusive findings. The prevailing theory is that the boys were killed by the snake foundin the room where…”
by Owen Maercks on Oct 1, 2013
“      When a first-timer comes into your store, what is the most likely request they will make in terms of a snake, lizard, turtle or a frog? I am guessing the most common answers to those questions are garter snake, green anole, red-eared slider and bullfrog—those are all…”