by Susan Johnston on Jul 1, 2013
“As consumer demand for natural products increases, a growing number of companies are developing green pet-cleaning products to meet this need. For many, it is not just about riding a trend or satisfying consumer demand; it is also about filling a need in their own lives and the lives of their pets. After synthetic cleaning products in Mike Leung’s home gave Rawl Rawl, his Bengal cat, an allergic reaction, Leung, co-owner of the Pasadena, Calif.-based…”

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by Lindsey Wojcik on Jun 1, 2013
“      The discovery of a shredded expensive shoe or chewed couch cushion can wreak havoc on the bond pet owners have with their pups. For years, pet owners have steered their pets clear of the closet or couch by providing alternative objects, like rawhides or chews, to satisfy…”
by Lindsey Wojcik on May 1, 2013
“    Organic products represent a small but growing segment of the pet care industry, with more manufacturers than ever offering up this type of fare for pet retailers that want to put themselves at the leading edge of the natural movement. Of course, the human food and beverage sector…”
by By Jennifer Boncy on Apr 1, 2013
“      Advances in science have yielded a slew of first-aid remedies and treatments for pets that work wonders on a broad range of conditions and ailments. But, these days, a growing number of pet owners are looking for products that harness the power of Mother Nature to treat…”
by Jennifer Boncy on Mar 1, 2013
“    Top brands in the flea and tick category have long touted how effective their products are at treating and preventing flea and tick infestations—and why wouldn’t they? After all, the products clearly work. But some consumers have begun to wonder: at what cost? For decades, through the miracle…”