by Jennifer Boncy on Dec 1, 2012
“As with almost every consumable product category in the pet industry, the dog chew category has expanded to include a variety of all-natural options—and it is a development that makes perfect sense. Today’s customers are shopping for dog chews with the same critical eye they use when browsing the food aisle looking for natural, wholesome alternatives to products they have typically found in grocery stores. Manufacturers have met this growing consumer demand with a fervent…”

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“Gone are the days when cat owners had to rely on clay-based litters to deal with the unseemly side of pet ownership—waste management. Today’s litter category is full of a variety of all-natural clay alternatives—from wheat- to corn- to pine-based formulas—that can effectively meet the needs of cat owners while…”
by Jennifer Boncy on Sep 1, 2012
“American consumers have gotten the message—the planet needs some TLC. Not surprisingly, every day more people join the ranks of those trying to do their part by using eco-friendly products that won’t further aggravate our already over-burdened Earth. Pet product manufacturers have heeded the call, too. They are offering a…”
by Jennifer Boncy on Aug 1, 2012
“It was not long ago that health-conscious pet owners looking for all-natural treats for their pets would find only a smattering of options at their local pet specialty retailers. In fact, finding any all-natural treats at all may have proven tricky. After doing a little research, many found themselves making…”
by P.S. Jones on Jul 1, 2012
“One of life’s little truths is that what makes it big with humans eventually ripples over to their pets. From fashion to food, you can often figure out what’s coming next in the pet industry by looking at what’s hot for humans right now. This is how anyone paying attention…”